5 Tips for encouraging a Toddler to Learn a Musical Toy Instrument

So you’re toddlers new musical instrument toy has just arrived in the mail and they’re busy unwrapping it and popping it out of the box.  Musical toys, like pianos are wonderful for toddlers, as they help their cognitive development and motor skill development, and they are just all round great fun; does any tot out there not like making a lot of noise?

In order to help your little one get the most out of their music toy, here are our 5 tips for encouraging them to play with it.

1 Find the Right Instrument Toys

Depending on your child’s personality, there might be certain instruments that they naturally gravitate towards.  Do they like banging on a toy drum?  Are they interested in the toy keyboard?  Find the toy instrument that your child really likes.

2 Make it Fun for the Kids

You can try to incorporate your new instruments into fun games for your toddler.  For example, if they have a keyboard, you can ask them questions and get them to hit a low note for ‘no’ and a high note for ‘yes’.

3 Make a Band with the Kids

This one might annoy the neighbors a bit if you over do it, but this is a really cool way to get toddlers into musical instruments.  Make some noise with your toddler, using other instruments you have in the house, or even some home-made instruments, like an empty shoe box for a drum.  Get the siblings to join in too if you can.

4 Teach them Nursery Rhythms

Kids love nursery rhythms, so if you can teach them some, or even just parts of a rhythm, they will really love playing it.  Why not trying singing along with them as they play?  Remember, they are still toddlers, so they don’t need to be experts.  Just keep it fun, and be very encouraging when they make mistakes.

5 Encourage them to Play

You want to be very positive and encourage your toddler to keep playing with their toy instrument.  Tell them that they are doing well, and praise them when they play something beautiful.  And don’t be afraid to tell them that they can have a real instrument once they are old enough to play it.