Crazy Questions That Stimulate The Brain

It is important that as we get older we stimulate our brain so that we do not lose the ability to remember things. This is a common problem when people age where they start to forget things. These instances are not rare where you enter the kitchen and forget what you had come here in the first place for. Or there are cases where you suddenly forget the name of a person you had just met yesterday. Or you may have missed a doctor’s appointment because it slipped your mind.

Would you rather question game for family is important, because memory lapse can happen at any age. However, old people fear dementia and they panic. When there is a significant loss in memory, this is not because of age but because of a brain injury or some disorder.

The best way to prevent memory loss is to keep learning.


One who keeps learning also has a strong mental functioning and this helps him fight forgetfulness with age. Advanced education can keep memory strong and allows a person to be active mentally. When you challenge your brain with mental exercises it will help to activate the mind and stimulate the individual cells of the brain. A job keeps one mentally active but one could also go for higher education or start a hobby after retirement so that the brain does not stop functioning and thinking. There are various groups that you can join where you will enjoy, learn and also stimulate your brain. Like play chess or join a reading group or even play jigsaw puzzle which will help your brain to think and function properly.

Building your brain and preserving it is a process that is ongoing and you should make learning a lifelong thing so that your brain is stimulated and does not fail to function all your life.