Tips For drug test Success at University

Before you undergo any type of test for drug abuse you need to know what type of drug test you are going to be undergoing. Commonly urine test is the one done most often.Next, you need to know the different drugs for which you will be tested. The drugs are as follows- Cannabis, coke, narcotic drugs and many more.

By knowing which drugs stay for how long in your system it is easier to help you pass the drug test. The different drug takes different time to flush from the body. Depending on the drug you take, some stay for a short time in the urine and a long time in the blood and some are vice versa. For example- Marijuana stays in your urine for 7 to 30 days and in your blood, It stays for two weeks and coke stays in the urine up to 1 day and in your blood, It stays for 1 to 2 days.

Method To Cleanse Your Urine

  • Concentrating Your Urine-The fluid required for metabolism can be diluted by drinking lots of fluids. You can also learn how to dilute urine in 2 hours. When you drink lots of fluids, based on the metabolism of your body, the liquids required for metabolism will get concentrated below the normal threshold. But sometimes diluting will make the urine low of creatinine which is the cause of producing yellow urine and the urine sample will be clear which might lead to rejection of sample.
  • Diluting Urine At Right Time-To passes the test it is important to know when to start drinking water to concentrate your urine. The right time will be just before you take up the test. Sometimes some people go an extra mile and start drinking water for days before the test which will not help them in any way instead unnecessarily there will be uneasiness.